Patti A. Kriger, MBA, Consultant

Patti is a results-driven marketing consultant with more than 25 years of consumer and healthcare marketing experience. She is known for the ability to integrate both marketing and scientific approaches to innovative problem solving.

Patti came to the consulting arena after rising up the ranks in a variety of line and strategy positions at Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMS). One particular effort she is proud having worked on is the consumer launch campaign for Orencia (for RA). The program launched with immediate market impact, all key measures exceeding objectives, and the campaign won multiple DTC and PhAME awards.

In her last role at BMS Patti was Sr. Director for Rx to OTC Switches and a core member of the Consumer Medicines Divesture Team, where she was the business lead for the 20 person Pravachol switch team.

She brings diverse Therapeutic and Category Experience including food and personal care products, Rx and OTC medicines, and diagnostic devices, pain management, women’s health, skin care, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease.

Patti Kriger


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